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Longing for some sun

While Gavin was up here we were listening to Tyrone Well’s newest CD “Metal and Wood”. It is so good! Seriously SO GOOD! But it is making me long for some of the sunny weather that he sings about in his songs.

Thankfully I will be getting to enjoy some (hopefully) beautiful weather in San Luis Obispo over spring break!! I am really excited. But, before I make my way down to sunny San Luis Obispo, I am going to be heading down to Tahoe to hang out with some amazing people who I am so so so looking forward to spending time with!!

Then the first weekend of spring quarter I am going to be down in SLO again! My parents are road tripping down with a few other family friends for another family friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara so they are going to drop me off on the way down! We are going to leave early Thursday morning so that we will be in SLO in time for farmers and then line dancing!!! I can hardly hold my excitement for spring break and the beginning of spring quarter in!!

On top of that I might be able to come down for memorial day weekend and possibly for stagecoach (if Gavin and I go, which by the way babe we need to decide 🙂 )! Overall I am really excited to be able to visit so much in the months coming up!!

I can’t wait to be back in SLO even if it is for a few short visits! I’m also looking forward to being able to hang out with friends that I haven’t seen in almost 6 months!! Oh my goodness I can’t believe it has been that long! Time sure does fly!


Such great lyrics

As I am working on a paper/homework for class I put on Tyrone Wells music to groove too. Gavin has been listening to him and intrigued me to listen to him and check him out. He is SO good!! I really like the song More, but the song I have been listening to over and over is Enough. I think one of the reasons I like his songs so much is because they can be listened to in different ways. He is a pop singer, not necessarily Christian worship, but he is Christian and you can tell in the lyrics. These are the lyrics from Enough that really stick out to me:

I was lost so many years
Now I’m found ’cause you are here
So just look at me again
‘Cause now you’re my everything
I could never ask for more

So it’s enough, yeah it’s enough

So good!! If you are looking for a new artist to check out I would definitely recommend checking out Tyrone Wells!

Ok now back to the paper a little before heading to bed! Night!!