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In A Heartbeat

In A Heartbeat is the name of the book I just finished reading. I picked it up at the air port in Sac before coming up to Oregon. It is written by the Tuohy couple, the one that the Blind Side is about. It was really good and inspiring. If you have seen the blind side you know that they took in a struggling black football player and became his family. This book was really a good read though because they didn’t just talk about their experience with Michael. They talked about their philosophy of giving. Also, they are Christian and so it was awesome to read about it with that frame of mind, and they talk about how God and Christianity influences how and why they give. Basically, they believe in cheerful giving, which is very biblically based in my opinion. It was also really sweet to read about the other ways they have found to give both financially and through investing time.I loved how at the end of the book they wrote about other ways to give that don’t involve large sums of money.

Anyway, I would recommend it to anyone who really liked the movie and/or wants to read about ways to give back and get involved with a Christian perspective.