starting to become settled

This past week has had it’s ups and downs. Well I guess I will start worse and end good. I can’t believe I am still writing this, but I am still looking for a roommate. I am so drained from all of this, and I know I wrote that before, but now it is even more true. So far I have met with three possible roommates, it feels like so many more. Anyway, there are two girls interested in the apartment as of right now. I know that there is a reason for all of this, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening! Another thing that comes with not having a roommate is living alone, which has kind of been a bummer. Living in a new place and coming home to an empty house has been lonely. We weren’t created to be alone! But I know that is this is just temporary and in no way a permanent situation.

Another hard this recently has just been getting used to living here. I am just trying to figure everything out here. I don’t really feel plugged in yet, and I guess it would be unrealistic to feel plugged in after barley a month. But it just makes living here harder. This whole move has been really challenging in my relationship with the Lord. I’m trying to figure out what it looks like to continue my walk here. This whole process of moving and finding new community and everything is new to me, I just kind of had it all already in place in SLO and I just had to jump in for the ride. For that I am so thankful, but now this is just a HUGE growing experience! I know the Lord is faithful and with us wherever we go, and that is such a comfort!!

On the upside, I have been making friends! It has been really nice to start to just get to hangout with people. Friday I went over to a house of girls and they had a burrito bar and ice cream. The ice cream was really nice because this past week was REALLY HOT!! Then Saturday I went with people to float the McKenzie river. It was really fun and really relaxing to just get in the raft and just float and enjoy the beautiful scenery! (I put pictures up on facebook) Then afterword we went over to one of the guy’s house and had pizza, then back to the girls’ house for more ice cream. After that we went to see Date Night at the movie theater. This movie theater plays movies that are no longer in the normal theaters but not out on dvd. So because of that the movies are really cheep! Monday movies are $0.75, normally they are $1.50, and Saturday nights are $2. So that is a really cool thing to do! Sunday I went to church with one of the girls from the house. We went to First Baptist, the parent church of CCF. I’m not sure if that will end up being the church I go to on a regular basis. It was really really big and I felt kind of overwhelmed. The worship was great and the message was good, just different than I am used to. Pastor Bryan  is such a dynamic teacher, and so was Aaron at Frist Baptist SLO so I would really like to find a church more like those two.

So as far as school goes, this is week 4 the last week of this first term! I have class today and tomorrow and then finals! It is crazy to me how fast this has all gone!! My soc class has been pretty interesting this past week. Interesting in the way of my teacher’s views and him communicating them. We watched this movie on 9/11 being thought up and executed by the government and the Bush administration. It was crazy!!! We have been talking about denial in the class, and then my teacher is like don’t go into denial. It makes you almost feel insane and wrong for doubting this crazy theory! Anyway so that was a different view to hear about. On that note, Eugene is really different than SLO. It is A LOT more liberal than SLO so it has been a little bit of a culture shock and getting used to the new city. Which, by the way it feels like a HUGE city compared to SLO. I think Eugene is about 3 times bigger than SLO. So that has been a big adjustment as well.

One last positive thing, I am taking my soc final early on Thursday so that I can make it to the AIRPORT!!!! I am flying to Sacramento Thursday night for Gavin and Garret’s Birthday. I am sooooooo excited to see Gavin and get to spend a relaxing weekend dow there. Also I am going to have coffee with a potential roommate. Yes, I am still talking about in California! She is from Manteca, so as long as everything works out with her work schedule she is going to drive up and we are going to have coffee and meet. So we will see how that goes. But I am really most excited for seeing Gavin and getting to spend time with each other. It will be really comforting and just nice to spend time with Gavin.

So I should go have some breakfast and read more….SO MUCH READING!! Hahaha but it will be good to get 8 units DONE! So off to be productive!!

Miss you all so much!!


Half way through the term!

So it has taken me a while to update again. I guess you could say it is because I had a lot going on with school and was really busy, but really I was just putting it off. Anyway…

Since the last time I wrote I found a roommate and we got along great and everything. But then after we decided she would live here and apply to the rental company a few days later she emailed me and decided she needed to live some where less expensive. So that was a bummer and really frustrating. I’m just really exhausted by the whole situation and am ready to have it all figured out and done. But that isn’t really how it works. So as I am getting to know more people here I am starting to have more people to see if they know people who are looking for housing. I’m just trying not to stress about it and know that God has a plan and it will all work out. Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait on the Lord! Seriously as I was writing this another girl just called me interested about the apartment!!! God is so faithful and surprising!!!

This week was been busy! Half way through the term now. Tuesday I had music project due and then Thursday I had a music midterm. Yesterday I had a refection paper due online for my sociology class! So I was keeping busy busy! Next week I have a music paper due Tuesday, midterm in sociology Wednesday and then the week after that is the last week! The term is going by so fast! But that is what happens in a 4 week term!

Last Monday was my birthday, which was nice. Sunday I went out to dinner with my parents and Ashley. Then Monday Johanna and I went to dinner with here in Eugene and then to a really cute bakery. I went to class and had a dentist appointment, so those were kind of a bummer but oh well.

Tuesday I went to CCF again it was good we talked about prayer looking at Colossians 1. It is really nice to start getting to know people more and building friendships. Next week the girl who has been cooking dinner is going to be out of town, so I am cooking dinner! I have never cooked for that many people (between 25-30) so we will see how that goes. I think I keep wanting it to feel like Crusade and for bible study to feel like my old bible study in SLO, but it never will. It doesn’t really work like that. But it is good.

I am starting to get aquatinted with Eugene and able to find my way around the city. Yesterday I found my way to Home Depot and got some plants, herbs, and veggies to grow! I’m hoping they actually grow. We will see, but it will be fun no matter what! Even though I am starting to get familiar with the town it still doesn’t feel like home yet. I don’t know if it ever will. I guess I have been feeling kind of homesick recently, even though I am closer to home. Doesn’t really make sense, but I guess SLO is more home now.

I am pretty much moved in by now. I still have to bring my desk down and a dresser. So my room still has some boxes. It is weird living alone, I think it is part of what is making me more lonely. But it is good, makes me more motivated to go make friends!

I’m not sure what my plans are for the 4th tomorrow. I am heading back tonight, so I think I will be hanging out with the parents tomorrow. We will see what happens, but I’m sure there will be BBQ and fireworks!

I figured I would post some pictures of my apartment! So this is like a virtual tour!

As you walk up the stairs you see my little garden! I am trying to grow cucumbers, string beans, sweet peas, broccoli, and cantaloupe . We will see how that goes!

Welcome in!!

The laundry room is to the left as you walk in.

Standing in the entrance looking at the dining area and kitchen

The living room

The half bath downstairs by the living room

The kitchen!!

: )

Now up the stairs!

My room. Not quite done yet, but you get an idea

The full bathroom upstairs

So thats it! There is another bedroom, but nothing is in there!

Miss you all!! I’m hoping to skype with some of you soon! I miss your faces dearly!!!

Speed bumps in the road called life

So I have hit another road bump in the journey to find a roommate. The girl who was going to be my roommate didn’t get approved by the rental company, then she did. However, when she came to look at the apartment. I had not even thought about the staircase and getting a bed larger than a twin up the stairs. She is going to buy a new mattresses and wants to get a queen, but a queen seems pretty much impossible to get up the stairs. So, not wanting to wait 2 weeks to see if the mattress movers could maybe get it up the stairs and putting ourselves in a worse situation if it doesn’t, we decided it didn’t seem like it was going to work out. This was pretty frustrating because I am in a brand new apartment and my parents have put down the entire deposit and 1st months rent, so I feel bad for them. But, I know God has a plan and is in control and everything happens for a reason. With that I have started looking for a new roommate, and hopefully I will be able to find one soon! Currently this is my biggest prayer request, that God would provide a roommate and I wouldn’t stress too much about it.

Anyway, onto other things in life. Tuesday I went to a college group called Collegiate Christian Fellowship (or CCF) that is through the First Baptist Church here in Eugene. During the summer they have dinner before worship and the message which was nice. I got to meet people which was really great. One of the girls I met is a Sociology major as well, so that was really cool! They have a bible study tonight so I think I am going to go check that out. It was nice that as soon as I got there people introduced themselves and were very friendly. I think because no one recognized me they knew I was new. I don’t know how many times though I told people I’m a transfer student this is my first term this is why I am transferring…I think it was around 15 times. I think this will be a good place to build community. This summer they are going through Colossians, which should be interesting and hopefully very insightful. It is a lot smaller than Crusade, but I think that will be nice and make it easier to get to know people. But I will probably check out Crusade in the fall just to see what it is like here at the very least.

Next on the list of things to update about: school. My classes so far have been going really well. I’m done with the first week and there are three left for these classes. My Sociology class has been really interesting and somewhat confusing and challenging. Yesterday we talked about the “I” and “Me” and how we internalize the social interactions we learn as a young child. Mead’s theory about the social self was the basis for the discussion. Also how we have different “Me”s for different situations. For instance, you have a “Student Me” and a “Son or Daughter Me” and sometimes these are different and bring out different characteristics. The “I” then is free and creative and can pull out different “Me”s in different social circumstances. Where it gets a little trippy is when you start talking about the I that sees the “I” and “Me”. I won’t go into that because, honestly I don’t know how to describe it. But on the whole the class is really interesting!

Also I am becoming more familiar with campus and can mostly find my way without using a map! Don’t ask me for a tour of campus or directions though, I’m not there yet. The weather here is finally like summer weather, which has made the transition nice. I think it has actually been warmer here than in SLO the past few days. I have been walking to campus because I don’t have a bike yet so I have really been able to take in the warm weather (it is about a 15-20 minute walk from my apartment to campus) and actually I am sitting outside the library right now typing this, it is going to be a very nice evening/walk home. Speaking of the Library, which is named Knight Library reminds me of a comment someone made Tuesday night that UofO is Knight University. Referring to Phil Knight the Nike CEO. It is funny to look around campus and see how many building bear his name, but I guess when you have billionaire alumni who wants to see the university flourish that is what happens!

Anyway I guess I will wrap it up. I miss you all!! So much that sometimes on campus I will be like oh that reminds me of so and so from Poly or actually think it is a person from SLO until I remember wait I am in Oregon that is impossible. Maybe this is a sign I am loosing it, but either way I miss everyone lots. I know it will get easier especially once I get plugged into a group of friends.

Ok now I am really going to wrap it up! I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are!!

First day at UofO

So a lot has happened since I last posted! I am pretty much all moved in to my apartment, but still have to unpack my room and move my desk down. Other then that all moved in! It was weird and kind of creepy sleeping alone in my apartment last night. I think I will like it once my apartment-mate moves in. Which hopefully will be in the next few days!

This morning was orientation, which thankfully was short!! I also felt proud of myself because I pretty much knew everything the lady talked about because I had found the information already. I think that is a good thing because eventually I want to do what she is doing! So I am all registered for classes for the first 4 week term. I have MUS 125 Understanding Music from 12-2 today and then SOC 301 American Society from 2-4. Hopefully these will be good classes!! If not I guess I will be done with them in 4 weeks so they will be over quick!

It is really strange walking around on campus. I had to ask for directions a few times when getting to the building where they had the orientation because I didn’t have a map. Despite coming down here for marching band every year and just visiting Eugene I have no clue where I am going. (Probably should have taken a campus tour at some point, oh well) So I am just walking around with my handy map trying not to look too lost! I am actually in the EMU (the equivalent of the UU) and I must say they do not have very many comfy couches/chairs, much less any by plug ins for my lap top. But oh well.

It still hasn’t sunk in that I go here yet. Maybe it will once I actually go to class. Although, you would think it would have sunk in when I signed my lease, or moved in, or went to orientation; but, it hasn’t yet. I was walking here from the Oregon Hall (where I had orientation) and a man came up to me and introduced himself and told me about a ministry he is running down here. Which was cool. I think it was God’s way of reassuring me that I will find community here. There is a college group that meets on Tuesday so I thought I would check that out. I am not going to be down here for a Sunday for a while, so I guess finding a church here will have to wait until then, but they will still be here so that is ok.

Anyway this is really long and I need to get lunch before my noon class, so I am going to wrap it up. Hopefully I can find someplace to get lunch!

Moving Into Eugene

Today I got mostly moved in to Eugene. I love the apartment just as much as when I saw it the first time. It is starting to look like someone could actually live there!! I will post a few pictures once I am more moved in. Tomorrow after dropping Gavin off at the airport my Mom and I are going to Ikea so that should be a fun adventure.

So far though, it doesn’t really feel like summer has started. I have just been so busy and going going going that I haven’t had time to just be and process through this year and all that has happened, which was A LOT. Also it has not set in yet that I am actually living there for all of this next year. I don’t know if it will really set in until everyone goes back to SLO. But, I know I am back here for a reason and that God is with me wherever I go (He is pretty cool like that, huh?) Anyway, it was cool today to peruse through facebook and see what everyone is up to for the summer and where God has them.

Starting over in a new place at a new school will be interesting and difficult at times (can you believe UofO doesn’t have waitlists?!?!) but we are never put in a circumstance that we can’t handle. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says “And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” That is definitely the encouragement/truth that has been the most relevant for today.

I guess that is all I have for tonight!

The New Adventure Begins

Hello all! I guess I will start off with why I am blogging (a pretty good place to start in my opinion). So I decided to make this so that it would be easier to keep in contact and let everyone in SLO that I love so dearly how life is going up in Oregon. Right now in my mind this will be a place that I can write about how school is going, maybe post a recipe or two that end up being good, and let you guys  know how God is working in my life up here!

So the move/drive up went well! I move in to my apartment tomorrow. It should be a busy and exciting day. Yesterday on the way up from Sacramento we decided to take a detour and go see crater lake. Seriously: best idea. It was so beautiful up there!! God’s creations never cease to amaze me! The drive back to I5 was really pretty as well (see the 2nd picture below)

Today Gavin and I hung out/relaxed in Salem. It was SOO nice!! Tomorrow won’t be as relaxing, but it should be fun to start to get all moved in. I want to hear about how you all are doing down in SLO/during your summers so PLEASE leave comments!! Also I have skype and would love to skype with any of you : ) email/message me if you want my skype name.

Hope everyone is enjoying the first week of summer!!

P.S. Exciting news: MY KEYS WERE FOUND!!!!! Seriously best news of the day! Thanks roomies : )

A little about myself

I have recently moved back to my home state of Oregon from Cal Poly SLO to finish college. I am studying Sociology at University of Oregon (the Ducks) and eventually want to get my masters in educational counseling and work either at the high school or university level. I love to cook!! It is one of my favorite pass times/hobbies. I love learning about the world I live in. The cultures and daily lives of people around the world, current issues (worldwide and domestic), and looking at how people act in society (hence sociology) are all topics that are fascinating to me. Lastly (but most importantly), I am a lover and follower of Christ.