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I can’t believe it, but I’m done with school!!

First off: WOOOOO!!!! This finals week was rough with a final last night at 7pm a 10 page paper due this morning and another paper due later today. BUT, it is all done and turned in! It still hasn’t sunk in that I am done with my undergrad and I’m not sure if it will until next fall when everyone else starts back with school and I will just keep working.

I have started packing up some of my stuff and in these next few days I am packing up most of my other stuff over the next few days. Gavin flies in Saturday and will help me move out the big furniture. Sunday then we are going to see Cirque Du Soleil! I am so excited because I have never seen anything like Cirque Du Soleil before!! Then Monday I GRADUATE!!! Gavin flies back south Tuesday and after that I have to be out of my apartment by midnight on Wednesday! It is going to be a crazy whirlwind of a week, but it should be a really great one!

On the job front I got hired with a catering company for working on the weekends, and actually worked 8 hours over Memorial Day Weekend! So I can start working weekends catering once I move down in July! Also there are quite job openings, such an answer to prayers! PTL!!¬†I have applied for a posting from Cuesta that had 2 positions open at half and three-quarters time at the North County campus in student services. If I get an interview I will hear from them in the next week. There are also 3 other positions that are either part time or full time and Cuesta that I *think* I am qualified for. Also there is a part time receptionist position open at Costal Christian Elementary School. Now I just need to fill out and submit applications for all of the positions! I am really hoping that one of these positions ends up working out!! I would appreciate any prayers for wisdom and discernment regarding God’s plan for me and where He would have me ūüôā

Also I wanted to share a site with you all that has become a slight obsession of mine: food gawker¬†It is basically a site that composes a bunch of different peoples blog posts about food and there are new ones posted throughout the day most days of the week! It is always so fun to go on and see what other people have made. I hardly ever have time to make them right away, but I have a fantastic bookmark folder of recipes that I can’t wait to try later!!


Popping in to say Hello!

I have been super busy with school and visiting home this quarter! It is week 6 now and I am getting really excited about the thought of the quarter being over and then GRADUATION! Wooooo!! The weekend of graduation a Cirque Du Soleil is going to be in Eugene and we are going! I am pretty darn excited about it! This is the promo for the one that we are going to see and I can’t wait!

Also I rented the movie Country Strong a few weeks ago and I loooooooved it! I thought the music was so great and was surprised by how well the actors sang. This is one of my favorite songs from the move, his voice is so deep and fits country music so well.

Another one of my favorite songs is Give Into Me along with many of the other songs off the soundtracks.

Lastly, there is a job that opened up on campus at Cal Poly and I am applying for it! I am really excited about it and hoping to get an interview. I would really appreciate any prayers and good thoughts concerning that ¬†ūüôā

Thats all for now! I’m hoping to be able to write more this quarter, but it doesn’t seem like school will be slowing down anytime soon. Also I am really excited to be heading down to San Luis Obispo for Memorial Day Weekend! 24 days!!

Invisible Children: 25

The first time I learned about Invisible Children was in high school when a club I was involved in talked about participating in the Schools for Schools program. We ended up deciding to fundraise for Nothing But Nets and having an awareness night about Darfur. But I was exposed to Invisible Children and all that they were doing. Also, I had some friends that were passionate and involved in events Invisible Children put on. In college Gavin and I participated in The Rescue. As a result of The Rescue and rallies in Washington a bill was passed to apprehend Joseph Kony. Now Invisible Children is putting on their next event The 25 Campaign.

History of Invisible Children and The War

The story of Invisible Children is pretty inspiring. In 2003 ¬†three young guys from Southern California went to Africa in search of a story to tell through a film. What they found was the story of the tragedy in northern Uganda of night commuters and child soldiers. They created the documentary “Invisible Children: Rough Cut” which has now been seen by millions of people. Since then they have held the Global Night Commute, Displace Me, The Rescue and started The Legacy Scholarship Program, Schools for Schools, The Bracelet Campaign and Mend among other programs.

The war in Uganda has been going on long before Invisible Children was founded. Joseph Kony took over a rebel army that was started by Alice Lakwena in the 1980s. Since then Kony has resorted to abducting children to be indoctrinated into the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). It is estimated that 90% of the LRA is made up of abducted children. Millions of people have been displaced because of the LRA. There have been multiple sessions of peace talks, but Joseph Kony has failed to sign peace agreements on multiple occasions. Currently the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued warrants for Kony and four other LRA leaders.¬†The war has been going on for 25 years now in Uganda. If I had been born in northern Uganda I would know nothing but war. I can not even comprehend what that would be like. You can read more about the history of the war on the Invisible Children website.

The 25 Campaign

When I watch videos about what is going on over in the Congo and other affected areas sometimes I feel helpless and like there is nothing I can do to change what is happening. But, there is something I can do: participate in The 25 Campaign that Invisible Children is putting on. For 25 hours, from April 24th at 7pm until April 25th at 8pm I will be going silent and standing in solidarity with thousands of people around the world for the children that have been silenced by the LRA. As a part of The 25 Campaign each participant is asked to raise at least $25. One dollar for every hour of going silent and for every year of the war. The $25 goes to fund The Protection Plan, which will provide services to LRA affected areas. Direct outcomes of The Protection Plan include:

  • Building a communication network¬†and facilitating a 24-hour early¬†warning network.
  • Providing humanitarians with up-to-date information to better deploy services.
  • Guaranteeing no massacre goes unseen.
  • Encouraging the continued defection of LRA rank and file combatants.
  • Providing every child rescued from the LRA access to rehabilitation.
  • Making total rehabilitation feasible upon the dismantling of LRA leadership.

So by now you may be asking yourself “What can I do?” For starters if what you have read and watched has inspired you, touched your heart, or motivated you to act I would encourage you to sign up for The 25 Campaign yourself, start your own fundraising page, and stay silent April 25th for the children who have been silenced by the LRA. If you can’t do that (which is perfectly ok) you can support me by donating to my fundraising page. If every person who reads this donated $1 then I would reach my goal of raising $25 (or at least a lot closer). In the grand scheme of things $1 is not that much money: less than a cup of coffee, a soda, a candy bar, bag of chips, and a bunch of other things. If you decide to donate to my fundraising page you can either give me your donation the next time you see me before April 24th or you can go to my fundraising page to donate.

Thank you in advance for your support and donations. Feel free to call or email me if you would like to talk more about 25 or Invisible Children and what they are doing, I would love to talk with you about it. I truly appreciate all of your support!

p.s. I’m kicking in the first $5 because I truly believe in what Invisible Children are doing! So now only 20 people would need to donate $1 for me to reach my goal! Thanks again for your support!