So a while back I mentioned making Christmas cards. So I thought I would post about some of the fun I have had crafting and making them!

**Warning: men this might be a boring post for you. But if you enjoy crafting or think you might, then read on**

First off embossing. I had looked around online and seen this as a technique that was used. I really liked how it looked (as much as you can tell online) and was really eager to try it out. Then about a month or so after learning about this technique I got a 50% off one item coupon from Michael’s! So I headed down to Michael’s and bought a heat gun for embossing at half price making it $12. Even though I only saved $12, it was still better then full price! I also got embossing powder that is needed to create the raised image.

So onto a tutorial!

1. Gather materials: heat gun, embossing powder, ink pad, stamp, paper you want to stamp on and scratch paper folded in half.

2. Stamp image onto paper

3. While ink is still wet generously sprinkle embossing powder over the entire image. Make sure your scratch paper is underneath to catch the extra powder.

4. Turn paper over and tap off excess powder onto scratch paper. Fold paper in half and pour excess back into the embossing powder container.

5. Turn on heat gun and warm up. Hold about 2 inches above the image and you will be able to see the image start to change and become embossed. It is hard to describe, but very obvious when it has happened. Move the heat gun around so the entire image becomes embossed.

It is hard to see it online, but the image in now raised and when you run your finger over it you can feel the difference. The final product:

Embossing has been really fun, but you don’t need to have fancy tools or even stamps to make fun Christmas cards! Earlier today I was experimenting with plain ribbon that I got a Michael’s for 5 for $1. I wasn’t sure exactly how I would use it, but it was too good of a deal to pass up.

I got my super glue out (I use the gel kind so it doesn’t get everywhere) and started playing around. These were the result:

To me they are simplistic, easy and yet still seem Christmas-y. I just glued down the ends of the ribbon with super glue. I did have the ribbon longer to make gluing easier and then cut off the ends once I had glued them. These are super easy to make all you need is ribbon, super glue, scissors, blank cards and your creativity!


Mom if you happen to be reading this please stop, its for your benefit. Thanks 🙂



I want to share this one last card that I made with you for my Mom’s birthday tomorrow! I know it is a little cheesy, but I made it and it was one of the two birthday stamps I have (both of which are slightly cheesy). The stamp is embossed and then I colored in the balloons and then mounted it on paper. Under the stamped image the paper is raised away from the pink paper and the blue is raised away from the purple. There are foam sticky adhesives that make things 3D and that is what I used to raise the layers.


I really want to show you other Christmas cards I have made, but those are getting sent out to people who could possibly be reading and I don’t want to ruin the surprise 🙂


Have you ever made cards before? How did they turn out? What other crafts do you enjoy doing?

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