I love pumpkins!!

I just had to write a quick post about my pumpkin because well I love it! First off Alexa and I went and got our pumpkins! The place we went was really great and it kind of reminded me of Avila Valley Barn. They had fresh produce, apple cider and delicious apple cider donuts!! A few pictures from our pumpkin patch experience

Alexa and I after riding in the horse drawn hay wagon out to the pumpkin patch

My pumpkin on the left, Alexa’s on the right


So now onto carving. There is a couple that goes to CCF events and stuff and they are just really great and there to talk. Last night they had a pumpkin carving party over at their house. Sidenote: their two kids are adorable! I had salsa and knew I would be a few hours late, so I carved the top and scraped out the insides before I went to salsa.

This was my face the whole time I was scraping out the insides. I HATE it and would usually make my dad do this part for me. But I was proud of myself and bucked up and got it done!


Now onto the carving part. I had an idea I wanted to try to do: Puddles the Oregon Duck! I mean c’mon how cute right?!

When thinking about how to do this I knew I didn’t want to do just cutting out or regular pumpkin. I had seen a kind of “etching” done before and I love it! Here is an example of what it looks like:

This pumpkin from Southern Living doesn’t even need to be scraped out to be a beautiful decor/art piece, which is a plus in my book. However I really wanted the glow for my pumpkin. I was kind of dreading having to do it how Southern Living and wasn’t very excited about trying to etch into my pumpkin with a knife. Little did I know though that the couple whose house I was going to would have one of these:


Its a pumpkin dremel! It is battery powered and make the “etching” or glow effect pretty easy!! So now my pumpkin!!

Ohhh Puddles Pumpkin how I love thee!

The brightest parts are where I carved all the way through. The glow effect is where I used the pumpkin dremel. I LOVE the glow effect and I think it might be using this for years to come in pumpkin carving! I am really happy that I set out to make an Oregon Ducks pumpkin and I think it looks like the Duck!


Now my Ducks just need to pull out a win against the Trojans tomorrow!! However, tonight I am going to the AO halloween mugger! I’m pretty excited!! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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