The Sunshine donuts of Eugene: Voodoo

So I forgot some school stuff at home yesterday so my mom was wonderful and met me halfway between Eugene and Salem so I could have my notebook and book to study for my midterms. We had been talking yesterday about Voodoo donuts and how there is one in Eugene (the original is in Portland) and how neither of us had been there. So I stopped before heading north to get a dozen to share with my parents! The place is as weird as the name sounds!! It is open 24 hours and reminded me of sunshine in that way, but is pretty unique in every other way! Here is a picture of the donuts and descriptions of some of the out of the normal donuts:

Some of the donuts that were in my voodoo dozen (where the worker picks the 12 for you) were: Portland Cream (the one with eyes, also the official donut of Portland), Captain my Captain (Captain Crunch), Maple Blazer Blunt (I gave this one to my parents not knowing what it was :/), Tangfastic (the orange one, that is tang powder on top), Arnold Palmer (the one with the fruit loop, with lemonade and ice tea powder on top), Double Buble (bubble gum dust on top), Miami Vice Berry (the blue one, blue raspberry powder). Also all the powder ones have vanilla frosting under the powder. I haven’t tried any of the strange ones yet, or talked to my parents to see if they have, but it should be interesting!!

These are even some of the more normal ones!! There are some crazy donuts here! Just to name a few there is a fruit loops donut, chocolate donut with coco puffs, butterfinger donut, voodoo doll, maple bar with bacon and many more.  If you are curious you can look at all the different kinds here: So if you guys come visit we will have to make a trip to Voodoo!!

Now back to studying!! I have midterms in both of my classes Monday. Studying during the summer is kind of a downer, but at least I will be done in 2 weeks! Woooo!!

Can’t wait to see everyone in slo!!!!!

p.s. I added a link at the bottom to get an email after I post a new entry if you want to know when I update!

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