Start of another term!

Before I write about the new term I am going to write a little about this last weekend.

So Thursday I went up to Portland and flew down to Sacramento. Gavin and Garret got in early early Friday morning. Friday Gavin and I went on a bike ride around his neighborhood. (For anyone that has doubts about my bike riding ability, Gavin can vouch that I can ride a bike!) That was really fun, but it was HOT! So we came back and swam in the pool for a while which felt soooooo good! Friday afternoon Gavin, Garret, Cody and I went to see Inception. It was really good, but it was very intense. It was non-stop action for two and a half hours. I would probably see it again once it comes out on dvd. But if you like action movies that also have a psychological story line and play with your mind and reality, then you would probably like Inception. Friday night Gavin’s mom made Indian food for dinner that was delicious! I can’t remember the names of everything that we had, but I want to get some of the recipies because they were so yummy!

Saturday was Gavin and Garret’s birthday. We ran a lot of errands and stuff. Brian came up for dinner, which was fantastic (steak, potatoes, salad, corn, peach pound cake, and homemade icecream). After dinner we went and relaxed in the spa which was so great!

Sunday Gavin, Garret and I got up early to drop me off at the airport and then they drove back to SLO. Lynn picked me up from the airport and then I came back to Eugene and just relaxed last night because I didn’t have homework or anything!!

Today is the first day of the second 4 week term of summer. Right now I  am enrolled in a SOC 311 Methods of Research. I had that class this morning at 10. It seems like it should be a good class. Instead of having a final test we have a research project. I am excited that I will get to come up with my own research concept and execute it because I didn’t get to do it in my stats class. I am also enrolled in SOC 399 which is on immigration in America. I am crashing SOC 310 at noon. This class is sociological theory, which will probably be kind of boring. But if I get SOC 310 I can take Sociology of Education in the fall! I really want to take this class so I am hoping the teacher will add me! Then I can drop SOC 399. Also kind of funny, a girl that I know through mutual friends from high school was in my SOC 311 class this morning. What a small world!

I’ve started looking at schools for my masters in educational counseling, which is what I want to do eventually. I haven’t decided if I want to go straight into it or take a year off. I keep going back and forth for a lot of reasons, but I have a little while until I have to decide what I want to do.

I should get headed to SOC 310 to try to get in!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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