starting to become settled

This past week has had it’s ups and downs. Well I guess I will start worse and end good. I can’t believe I am still writing this, but I am still looking for a roommate. I am so drained from all of this, and I know I wrote that before, but now it is even more true. So far I have met with three possible roommates, it feels like so many more. Anyway, there are two girls interested in the apartment as of right now. I know that there is a reason for all of this, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening! Another thing that comes with not having a roommate is living alone, which has kind of been a bummer. Living in a new place and coming home to an empty house has been lonely. We weren’t created to be alone! But I know that is this is just temporary and in no way a permanent situation.

Another hard this recently has just been getting used to living here. I am just trying to figure everything out here. I don’t really feel plugged in yet, and I guess it would be unrealistic to feel plugged in after barley a month. But it just makes living here harder. This whole move has been really challenging in my relationship with the Lord. I’m trying to figure out what it looks like to continue my walk here. This whole process of moving and finding new community and everything is new to me, I just kind of had it all already in place in SLO and I just had to jump in for the ride. For that I am so thankful, but now this is just a HUGE growing experience! I know the Lord is faithful and with us wherever we go, and that is such a comfort!!

On the upside, I have been making friends! It has been really nice to start to just get to hangout with people. Friday I went over to a house of girls and they had a burrito bar and ice cream. The ice cream was really nice because this past week was REALLY HOT!! Then Saturday I went with people to float the McKenzie river. It was really fun and really relaxing to just get in the raft and just float and enjoy the beautiful scenery! (I put pictures up on facebook) Then afterword we went over to one of the guy’s house and had pizza, then back to the girls’ house for more ice cream. After that we went to see Date Night at the movie theater. This movie theater plays movies that are no longer in the normal theaters but not out on dvd. So because of that the movies are really cheep! Monday movies are $0.75, normally they are $1.50, and Saturday nights are $2. So that is a really cool thing to do! Sunday I went to church with one of the girls from the house. We went to First Baptist, the parent church of CCF. I’m not sure if that will end up being the church I go to on a regular basis. It was really really big and I felt kind of overwhelmed. The worship was great and the message was good, just different than I am used to. Pastor Bryan  is such a dynamic teacher, and so was Aaron at Frist Baptist SLO so I would really like to find a church more like those two.

So as far as school goes, this is week 4 the last week of this first term! I have class today and tomorrow and then finals! It is crazy to me how fast this has all gone!! My soc class has been pretty interesting this past week. Interesting in the way of my teacher’s views and him communicating them. We watched this movie on 9/11 being thought up and executed by the government and the Bush administration. It was crazy!!! We have been talking about denial in the class, and then my teacher is like don’t go into denial. It makes you almost feel insane and wrong for doubting this crazy theory! Anyway so that was a different view to hear about. On that note, Eugene is really different than SLO. It is A LOT more liberal than SLO so it has been a little bit of a culture shock and getting used to the new city. Which, by the way it feels like a HUGE city compared to SLO. I think Eugene is about 3 times bigger than SLO. So that has been a big adjustment as well.

One last positive thing, I am taking my soc final early on Thursday so that I can make it to the AIRPORT!!!! I am flying to Sacramento Thursday night for Gavin and Garret’s Birthday. I am sooooooo excited to see Gavin and get to spend a relaxing weekend dow there. Also I am going to have coffee with a potential roommate. Yes, I am still talking about in California! She is from Manteca, so as long as everything works out with her work schedule she is going to drive up and we are going to have coffee and meet. So we will see how that goes. But I am really most excited for seeing Gavin and getting to spend time with each other. It will be really comforting and just nice to spend time with Gavin.

So I should go have some breakfast and read more….SO MUCH READING!! Hahaha but it will be good to get 8 units DONE! So off to be productive!!

Miss you all so much!!

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