The New Adventure Begins

Hello all! I guess I will start off with why I am blogging (a pretty good place to start in my opinion). So I decided to make this so that it would be easier to keep in contact and let everyone in SLO that I love so dearly how life is going up in Oregon. Right now in my mind this will be a place that I can write about how school is going, maybe post a recipe or two that end up being good, and let you guys  know how God is working in my life up here!

So the move/drive up went well! I move in to my apartment tomorrow. It should be a busy and exciting day. Yesterday on the way up from Sacramento we decided to take a detour and go see crater lake. Seriously: best idea. It was so beautiful up there!! God’s creations never cease to amaze me! The drive back to I5 was really pretty as well (see the 2nd picture below)

Today Gavin and I hung out/relaxed in Salem. It was SOO nice!! Tomorrow won’t be as relaxing, but it should be fun to start to get all moved in. I want to hear about how you all are doing down in SLO/during your summers so PLEASE leave comments!! Also I have skype and would love to skype with any of you : ) email/message me if you want my skype name.

Hope everyone is enjoying the first week of summer!!

P.S. Exciting news: MY KEYS WERE FOUND!!!!! Seriously best news of the day! Thanks roomies : )

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